Redbridge Institute Governing Body











Our Governors make a positive contribution to the Institute. Together with the Principal they set the future strategic direction of the Institute. They have an important part to play in raising standards, ensuring accountability and monitoring and evaluating Institute performance. They make decisions collectively on matters such as Institute policies and the Institute’s development plan.

The Governors are volunteers and do not receive payment. They are appointed on the basis of their relevant skills and experience. Redbridge Institute has 12 Governors in its Governing Body, drawn from different areas of the community including learners, staff, elected members from Redbridge Council, community co-options, local business.

Redbridge Institute Governing Body members:

  • Kathleen Atkins
  • Andrea Ats
  • Joni Cunningham
  • Olive Hamilton-Andrews
  • John Knight
  • Christina Norman
  • David O'Donoghue
  • Margaret Partridge
  • Mo Rahee
  • Cllr. Joyce Ryan
  • Cllr. Anne-Marie Sachs

You can contact any of our Governors by writing to the Clerk of Governors,
c/o Redbridge Institute,
Gaysham Avenue,
Gants Hill,

or by emailing