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Painting for Relaxation EV1039 Monday
20.04.20 3 £48nc Gearies


How will this course benefit me?

Creating art can be used as a form of self-care and can help to manage stress. You can tap into ameditative state called 'flow' that can help you improve performance and lower stress levels. Whenyou experience 'flow', you are utterly absorbed in the present activity and are living in the moment.Also, taking even a few minutes on a regular basis to devote to a hobby is proven to be enormouslyhealthy.

What are the entry requirements?

None. This course is for anyone who would like to pursue a creative activity that can help withreducing stress, regardless of artistic experience or talent.

What will I learn?

Draw what you feel - we will explore the states of your soul through painting abstract shapes andcombinations of colours using charcoal and watercolour, with minimal technical restraints.

State of flow - we will tap into a level of visual meditation by painting over water using watercolourand ink, and interesting techniques using air.

Patterns - we will focus on producing sequences of patterns of beautiful shapes, such as flowers,birds, leaves, etc., in order to immerse your mind in a colourful and beautiful world of peace andvisual kindness.

How will the course be delivered?

The course will be delivered through demonstration and individual advice given whilst you work.The aim is to create a helpful, supportive environment so that all learners feel involved and engaged in the activities.

How will my learning be assessed?

We will assess your progress via individual feedback from the tutor on the basis of observation. You will also have an Individual Learning Plan to help monitor your progress.

What are the extra costs?


What can I progress to next?

You could progress to further Institute art courses, such as 'Painting Greetings Cards' or 'Woodland Scenes in Watercolour', or to art courses elsewhere. Your tutor can advise you.

Health and Safety requirements?

Standard teaching room low level risks.