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Painting Greeting Cards EV1040 Monday
11.05.20 3 £86nc Gearies


How will this course benefit me?

Making greeting cards is a great hobby for a creative mind and creating art with the motivation of giving can bring joy to yourself and others. It is also an opportunity for your family and friends to see your art work.

You will learn that art does not have to come in big, long-term projects, but is also very effective on a small scale, with amazing colourful drawings, or even just brush strokes.

What are the entry requirements?

None, only a willingness to learn and an enthusiasm for painting.

What will I learn?

Coloured pencils - we will learn how to draw creatures in a fantasy style and we will paint with coloured pencils using two techniques of shading.

Watercolour - we will paint flowers, leaves and butterflies using watercolour and masking fluid.

Acrylic and gouache - you will be able to paint in a more professional way using these media, painting characters, animals and decorative patterns for your gift cards.

In all sessions, we will enhance our creations using other materials such as glitter dust, crepe paper, gold leaf and ink pens.

How will the course be delivered?

The course will be delivered through demonstration and individual advice given whilst you work.

The aim is to create a helpful, supportive environment so that all learners feel involved and engaged in the activities.

How will my learning be assessed?

We will assess your progress via individual feedback from the tutor on the basis of observation. You will also have an Individual Learning Plan to help monitor your progress.

What are the extra costs?


What can I progress to next?

You could progress to further Institute art courses, such as 'Woodland Scenes in Watercolour', or to art courses elsewhere. Your tutor can advise you.

Health and Safety requirements?

Standard teaching room low-level risks.