Art - Painting in watercolours

Course details

Painting in watercolour DV1005 Thursday
05.11.20 15  £143/£77  Gearies
Painting in watercolour DV1006 Thursday
28.01.21 15 £143/£77 Gearies

What is this course about?

This introduction to painting in watercolours enables learners to explore their own artistic ability and gain confidence in valuable practical skills, whether new or renewed.
Suitable for beginners in watercolours to intermediate level. You will learn under the guidance of an enthusiastic practicing artist.

Learners who have attended our courses have progressed on to degree courses, have Acquired the skills and confidence to run small businesses, sell and exhibit their work or help with their current employment.

What are the entry requirements?

This class is suitable for complete beginners through to intermediate level. Learners will be expected to follow the course programme and attend regularly to ensure progression.

What will I learn?

This course is an introduction to painting in watercolours. Learners will practise the basic techniques of watercolour and also improve their drawing skills. Basic watercolour techniques will be taught, such as washes, glazes and “wet-on-wet” with simple projects such as trees, landscape and still life. Some colour-mixing included.

How will the course be delivered and how will I be assessed?

Projects will be set by the tutor, and regular demonstrations will be given.
There will be group discussions and one-to-one guidance. Learners may be asked to bring in objects for still life, or reference material they have collected (photos, sketches, etc). They will also be encouraged to learn from each other as well as the tutor. Learners will be expected to follow the course programme and attend regularly to ensure progression.

You will receive regular feedback from your tutor, who will assess you continually and informally. An Individual Learning Plan will help you monitor your progress and reach your targets.

What are the extra costs?

You will need to buy all materials and equipment for the course, at a minimum cost of £35. An A3 sketch pad (cartridge paper), plus 2B or 3B pencils and a putty rubber will be needed for the first class. Learners will be advised on watercolour materials on the first session. There may be a small charge for resource materials.

What can I progress to next?

To any specialist art course within the Institute, eg Painting in acrylics, pottery or photography as well as art courses in further education.