Textiles - Dyeing and wood block printing on fabric

Course details

Textiles - Dyeing and wood block printing on fabric DV1025 Tuesday
15.09.20 6 £151/£81 Gearies


How will this course benefit me?

This course is for anyone who has an interest in textiles and sewing crafts and would like to learn how to produce a creative piece of dyed fabric, incorporating decorative stitching and embellishing with beads and trimmings. 


What are the entry requirements?

No requirements, just an enthusiasm for textile crafts and sewing.  Some knowledge of hand sewing or using a sewing machine would be beneficial.


What will I learn?

You will learn how to dye a piece of fabric, incorporating stitching by hand or machine.  You will then work into that fabric with decorative stitching, including hand embroidery and decorative machine stitching. You will be taught some basic embroidery stitches and a variety of sewing machine stitches.  The course aims to finish with a creative piece of work which can be incorporated into a project e.g. note book cover or bag etc.  Which can be embellished further with beads and trimmings.


How will the course be delivered?

Demonstration, practical work, one-to-one and group work and discussion.


How will my learning be assessed?

You will receive feedback from your tutor, who will assess you informally.


What are the extra costs?

Learners will need to purchase a note book, pen, pencil, ruler and a sewing kit (consisting of measuring tape, pins, scissors, un-picker and hand sewing needles).    There will be an additional small cost of £10.00 for materials used.  If producing the note book cover there will be a cost to purchase an A6 note book.


What can I progress to next?

Further courses at the Institute in textile subjects and clothesmaking or with other external providers.


Health & Safety requirements?

You will need to follow the tutor’s instructions on health & safety procedures.