Enamelling - All levels

Course details

Enamelling - All levels EV1032 Wednesday
26.02.20 16 £181/£81 Gearies

How will this course benefit me?

This course is for those who are complete beginners, but also suitable for those who have some experience with using enamels. If you have some experience you will learn some new techniques and be encouraged to cut out your own shapes to be enamelled on both copper and silver.


What are the entry requirements?

You must be able to focus, have high levels of concentration, have good hand strength, dexterity and good eyesight.


What will I learn?

This course is specifically designed to enable you to:


  • Learn how to enamel onto copper and silver.
  • Use glass media as decorative elements.
  • Learn cloisonné, plique a jour and enamelling on curved surfaces like a bowl.
  • Use both opaque and transparent enamels.
  • Apply the skills to create your unique samples and make enamelled jewellery.
  • Develop a professional approach to all stages of the enamelling process.


How will the course be delivered?

Practical demonstrations, with one-to-one guidance and support as needed, with continuous feedback at each stage of the enamelling process.


How will I be assessed?

Verbal feedback at all times, with support at each stage of the demonstrations.  Group discussions on the techniques and sharing your unique enamelled pieces with the class.


What are the extra costs?

Some enamels are available to start you off, but you will need to buy a sample set of enamels to use. These can be discussed in class with the tutor or you can buy online from Vitrum Signum  or WG Ball. We sell copper sheet, but if you want specific designs, these can be bought from the above providers.


What can I progress to next?

There are other jewellery courses at Redbridge Institute. Your tutor will give you advice as to what is appropriate for you.


Health & Safety requirements?

It is essential that you are able to stand, have good eyesight, good concentration and manual dexterity in using the Kiln, workshop blow torches and other workshop equipment, also be able to understand verbal instructions and safely use the workshop equipment.