Jewellery - Make a silver ring

Course details


How will this course benefit me?

In this course you will learn how to measure your ring size and make a silver ring. If you are familiar with the technique of working metal then you will have the opportunity to perfect those techniques. For those new to jewellery making you will be shown various ideas and skills which you can practise during the day.


What are the entry requirements?

Beginners and improvers welcome. Use of jewellery tools and equipment in the workshop will be taught on the day.  You must be able to focus, have high levels of concentration, good hand strength, dexterity and good eyesight. It is essential that you follow instructions and keep to the workshop rules.


What will I learn?

This course is specifically designed to enable you to:

  • Measure your own ring size
  • Make a simple ring, possibly with texture
  • Further develop your technical skills
  • Use various skills to create your unique ring
  • Comply with health & safety guidelines at all times in the workshop


How will the course be delivered?

The tutor will perform practical demonstrations and give verbal instructions and feedback at various stages of the project. Learners will receive one-to-one as well as group discussion and support. Continuous guidance and help will be available to every learner. Hand-outs are given which will demonstrate some design ideas with instructions.   


How will my learning be assessed?

Observation will be done throughout the course with constructive feedback and support to enable you to achieve your project goal.  Suggestions on how to improve your skills to a higher level will be given during the day.  There will also be a group ‘end of day evaluation’ to share achievements.


What are the extra costs?

Learners can bring their own silver sheet/wire (copper for practise) but this can also be purchased on the day at a charge. If purchasing your own, you can visit

Materials, including sterling silver for the ring, sterling silver for the decorative elements, solder and saw blades can be bought on the day from the tutor at a cost of approximately £20.00 depending on design and personal preference.


What can I progress to next?

In Redbridge Institute there are other jewellery making courses available on several different days and times. There will be information given by the tutor as to what other options are available to you. 

A ‘What’s Next’ information sheet is also available on our website.


Health & Safety requirements?

Learners MUST follow Health & Safety guidelines set by tutor. Open shoes must NOT be worn. Hair and anything loose must be tied back at all times. Please ensure you wear an apron or old shirt in the workshop to avoid damage to clothing. All workshop equipment must be used with respect according to the workshop rules. It is a requirement for every learner to have a good understanding of every instruction given.