Jewellery - Mixed Ability

Course details

Jewellery - Mixed Ability DV1079 Thursday
13:00 - 15:30
22.04.21 8 £140/£76 Gearies
Jewellery - Mixed Ability DV1083 Thursday
19:00 - 21:30
22.04.21 8 £140/£76 Gearies

*Smaller class size


How will this course benefit me?

You will learn to make beautiful jewellery out of copper and silver, and the course will help you to develop your creativity in a structured and lively environment.

What are the entry requirements?

This course is suitable for those with some jewellery making experience. It is NOT suitable for complete beginners. For Health & Safety reasons, it is essential that you are able to stand, and have excellent manual dexterity.

What will I learn?

Building on existing skills, you will follow a programme of projects to increase your skills and knowledge. During the course, you will be introduced to further skills of jewellery making, including the use of tools, workshop equipment and a range of skills needed for designing and crafting jewellery with specific application to basic making. You will have the opportunity to put these skills into practice by making practice pieces.

You will also learn to understand and follow Health and Safety guidelines.

Please note: This course is not run as a workshop, and learners will be expected to follow the course programme and tutor set projects. Learners must attend regularly to ensure progress.

How will the course be delivered?

A range of teaching methods will be used, including practical demonstration and application, project work presentations and discussions.

How will my learning be assessed?

An initial assessment at the beginning of the course will establish your starting point including skills, experience, confidence and preferred learning styles. It will also give your tutor an indication of your personal objectives. Subsequently, your tutor will be observing and discussing your progress with you at each stage, making suggestions as to how to improve your skills and achieve your objectives.

What are the extra costs?

A basic tools list will be given out on the first session. Some basic equipment is provided.

You will have to buy ALL materials and consumable tools e.g. saw blades, solder, etc. This will amount to at least £100 for the duration of the course.

What can I progress to next?

On completion of the course, you could progress to jewellery making courses here at the Institute or at other colleges.

Health and Safety requirements?

Some of the materials used (silver and copper) may (rarely) cause allergic reactions. If in doubt, please contact your medical practitioner. You will need to follow the tutor’s instructions on Health and Safety procedures given at the first session.

Note: You should NOT wear open shoes