Mosaics and glass fusing - Improvers

Course details


How will this course benefit me?

The course is for learners who have completed ‘ Mosaics & Glass Fusing - Beginners’ and wish to further their skills.


What are the entry requirements?

You must have completed the ‘Mosaics & Glass Fusing - Beginners’ course or equivalent.


What will I learn?

This course will develop the necessary skills and techniques needed for designing and making mosaics from a variety of materials.

You will learn to:

Further develop your design skills

Lay increasingly complex combinations of materials and opii

Continue to make samples of experimental work of increasing complexity

Lay mosaic on a 3D base

Adhere to health & safety guidelines (understanding and following health and safety guidelines and good practices are essential aspects of the course). 


How will the course be delivered?

A variety of teaching methods will be used, including lectures and presentations, demonstrations and practical applications, group and one-to-one tuition. You will make samples, experimenting with different materials and techniques. You will then apply these skills and techniques to the fabrication of mosaic panels.


How will my learning be assessed?

An initial assessment at the beginning of the course will establish your starting point, iincluding skills,related experience, confidence and preferred learning styles.  It will also give your tutor an indication of your personal objectives. At each stage, your tutor will be observe and discuss with you your progress, making suggestions as to how to improve your skills and achieve your objectives.  At the end of the course, an assessment and review of your overall progress and achievement will take place and will be recorded on the individual learning plan.


What are the extra costs?

Sketch book


Felt pens

Workshop clothes or apron

Small paint brush

A collection of small lidded pots in which to keep your frits

£15 materials cost - this will include a starter pack of fusing materials and a basic range of mosaic materials. Limited additional materials will be available for purchase from the class tutor.

All other materials will need to be purchased by the learner from suppliers.

What can I progress to next?

You can continue to develop your skills and knowledge by attending the follow-on course ‘Mosaics & Glass Fusing - All Levels’.


Health and Safety requirements?

Learners will need to follow the tutor’s instructions on the use of tools and equipment. 


You should NOT wear open shoes

Workshop clothes or apron should be worn