Pottery - hand-building at home: an online course

Course details

Pottery - hand-building at home: an online course DV1048 Thursday
26.11.20 10 £142/£76 Online

How will this course benefit me?
This course will help learners to develop their creativity and pottery skills while working from home, coached by a professional, practising potter via Google Classroom, an online learning environment. 

Learners will be expected to follow the course programme online, pick up clay and tools from the Institute before the start of the course, attend regularly to ensure progression and bring the finished work to be fired at the centre. Future days will be arranged for collection of bisque works. 


What are the entry requirements?
This course is open to all levels, from beginners to advanced. You will need an internet connection, a computer, tablet or phone (which has a microphone and
camera) suitable for accessing Google classroom via Chrome. You will also need a suitable space at home for working with clay.


What will I learn?
Every week you will be given a ceramic project to work with, although learners can devise their own projects in negotiation with the tutor. You will have the opportunity to learn and explore Japanese hand-building techniques.  Videos and images will be shared via email. Students will share ideas and final works by emailing the

The course will cover a range of techniques and you will have the opportunity to produce functional and decorative objects such as:

  • A yunomi (a teacup form made for daily tea drinking)
  • A Japanese dish exploring nerikomi techniques (an artistic technique for creating marbled forms
    using 2 different clays)
  • A small moon jar
  • A chawan (a bowl used for preparing and making tea)
  • A cup made with the mentori technique (faceted ceramic ware)
  • You will also learn about Jomon prehistoric functional or sculptural ceramic forms and, if time
    allows, make a small form inspired by this period


How will the course be delivered?
Learners will be taught in a relaxed virtual classroom with a maximum number of 8 students. The course will be delivered online with group tutorials and advice from the tutor every week for 1hr and 30min.

You will need to visit the Institute before the start of the course to collect clay, and to drop off and collect pieces when they need to be fired.


How will my learning be assessed?
Through group online tutorials. You will receive regular verbal feedback from your tutor, who will assess you continually and informally via Google Meet and/or email.

What are the extra costs?
Clay will cost £2 per 1lb of clay, which includes firing.


What can I progress to next?
Other pottery courses at Redbridge Institute.


Health and Safety requirements?
You must follow your tutor's advice with regard to all health & safety matters.