Understanding depression

A Redbridge Institute Certificate of Attendance is available for workshop participants enabling them to keep a record of their personal skills and knowledge development.

CPD workshop

How will this course benefit me?
This CPD workshop may be of personal interest and help or be useful to anyone in a caring, supporting or therapeutic role or completing professional training. You will gain a greater understanding of depression and its possible causes and explore strategies for supporting wellbeing. You will receive a certificate of attendance which may help towards the CPD requirement of various professions and training courses.

What are the entry requirements?
Enthusiasm and a desire to learn
An interest in the subject and a willingness to take an active part in the class
The time and commitment necessary to attend

What will I learn?

  • What is meant by depression? The theory and experience of depression
  • Self-help techniques including visualisation and relaxation
  • Recognising personal triggers
  • How to achieve greater authenticity, creativity and engagement with life


How will the course be delivered?
A mixture of workshops, discussions, presentations and other class activities.

How will my learning be assessed?
By participation in class activities and discussions

What are the extra costs?

What can I progress to next?
This qualification supports progression onto a variety of vocational courses including Counselling, Mentoring and Life Coaching. You may also be interested in our other CPD workshops and short courses.