Working with domestic violence

A Redbridge Institute Certificate of Attendance is available for workshop participants enabling them to keep a record of their personal skills and knowledge development.

CPD workshop

Working with domestic violence DZB4500 Saturday
24.04.21 1 £30nc Gearies

How will this course benefit me?
This CPD workshop will give you an insight into what domestic violence is and how to recognise potential signs and symptoms. This is ideal for childcare, counselling health and social care and teaching professionals.

What are the entry requirements?

  • Spoken and written English - at least to Entry 3
  • Enthusiasm and a desire to learn
  • An interest in the subject and a willingness to take an active part in the class
  • The time and commitment necessary to maintain attendance of at least 90%

What will I learn?

This workshop will cover the following:

  • Different types of domestic violence
  • Signs and symptoms of domestic violence
  • How domestic violence impacts on survivors and those around them
  • How domestic violence can affect children
  • Where to go for support and advice


How will the course be delivered?
A mixture of workshops, discussions, presentations and other class activities.

How will my learning be assessed?
By participation in class activties and discussions. You will receive a certificate of attendance.

What are the extra costs?

What can I progress to next?
This course is ideal for those without any prior knowledge of domestic violence. It is particularly suitable for those that are parents or work with children, young people or vulnerable adults. This course could enable progression towards more advanced study and provide additional skills for those working or looking to work in a variety of sectors including education, adult social care, and other support work.