Guitar - Improvers

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How will this course benefit me?

This course will expand your guitar skills and general musical knowledge through a more varied selection of popular songs and guitar styles. Music classes may contribute to an improved well-being which will benefit you at home and at work.


What are the entry requirements?

This course is specifically for improvers, that is, learners who have either attended a full course for beginners at the Institute, or can play basic chord changes with strumming, and have (preferably) been introduced to tablature and songbook formats.  

If your tutor assesses you differently, you will be asked to transfer to a course of a more appropriate level. This course requires a full commitment to learning by attending every session and arriving on time.


What will I learn?

  • Recap on basic techniques/songbook formats/tablature system
  • How to accompany songs by strumming, using plectrum and/or finger style
  • Play single string melodies/tunes
  • A little music theory and note values.


How will the course be delivered?

Demonstration, verbal instruction and explanation, one-to-one and group guidance and support, handouts and PowerPoint presentations.


How will my learning be assessed?

You will receive regular verbal feedback from your tutor who will assess you continually and informally through observation and questioning. An Individual Learning Plan will help you monitor your progress and reach your targets.


What are the extra costs?

An acoustic guitar, plectrum and extra strings.

Please note: you will need a guitar from week 1 of the course. If you need further advice, please contact us.


What can I progress to next?

‘Guitar – Intermediate’ course held at the Institute. Your tutor will inform you when you are ready to progress to the next level. A ‘What Next’ progression leaflet will be available at the end of the course.


Health & safety requirements?

You will need to follow the tutor’s instructions on health and safety procedures given at the first session.