Henna Mehndi

 These will be taught as smaller class sizes than usual during the pandemic.

Course details

Henna Mehndi DL1379

19.00- 21.00

22.04.21 4 £74/£43 Gearies

How will this course benefit me?
Anyone with an interest in the subject or those who have been on the Asian Bridal course and wish to learn more about Mehndi. Beauty classes contribute to a healthy lifestyle and an improved well-being which will benefit you at home and at work.

What are the entry requirements?
There are no entry requirements apart from interest and enthusiasm. This course may not be suitable for those with skin allergies and sensitive skin.

What will I learn?
Henna body decoration is no longer just a bridal accessory, but is firmly established as a fashion statement. During the course you will:

  • Learn about the history of henna
  • Learn how to make henna
  • Apply simple patterns to the hands, arms and/or feet

How will the course be delivered?
Teaching methods will include demonstrations by tutor, application/hands-on experience by learners. Written and verbal information and advice will be given on methods, products and their

How will my learning be assessed?
Your tutor will observe and discuss with you your progress at each stage making suggestions as to how to improve your skills and achieve your objectives. At the end of the course, an assessment and review of your overall progress and achievement will take place and will be recorded on the Individual Learner Profile. There is no formal qualification attached to this course.

What are the extra costs?
Please bring the following items with you; ready-made henna cone, tissue/wet wipes, plain paper (sketch book), pen, pencil, eraser & sharpener, latex gloves (optional) & apron (optional).

What can I progress to next?
Asian Bridal Make Up

Health and Safety requirements?
You must inform your tutor of any medical conditions, skin allergies or reactions you may have to henna. You will need to follow the tutor’s instructions and guidance to ensure you are following health & safety procedures.