Meditation - The Basics

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How will the course benefit me
This course will explore relaxation through guided meditation, which can be a useful tool to help still the mind and relax the body. It may help you to keep calm and handle stressful situations better, which can help to manage anxiety and can have a beneficial effect on your health and wellbeing.

Entry Requirements
An interest in the subject and a willingness to participate in class discussions and activities.

What will I learn
You will learn how to quieten your inner critic, maintain a peaceful mind in stressful situations, and control negative emotions like fear, anger, and guilt. Your tutor will guide you through a range of meditation processes and other techniques.

Course Delivery
Presentations, discussions, practical activities, group and individual work. FOR EACH LESSON YOU WILL HAVE THE OPTION TO ATTEND IN PERSON IN THE CLASSROOM, OR JOIN ONLINE USING GOOGLE CLASSROOM.

Learning Assessment
By participation in activities and discussions.

Extra Costs
Lunch and refreshments - you may bring your own.

Progression Routes
Your tutor will give you advice while you are on the course. There is a range of other courses at Redbridge Institute that you may wish to enrol on. Please see the prospectus or website.