Getting back to work

In these unprecedented times it is more important than ever to have excellent employability skills. We have a range of workshops that will be taught either online or in the classroom depending on the situation at the time of your class.

We have several partners including Work Redbridge, National Careers and DWP who we work closely with to ensure that your needs are met and you have the skills and tools to help you gain employment.

Application Forms & Personal Statements

No one likes filling in forms but do this right and you’re one step closer to an interview and a job. You’ll learn how to make the best of this opportunity.

CV Writing

A winning CV is the first step in looking for work. We’ll show you how to produce a CV that will make you stand out from the crowd.

 Interview Practice

This workshop follows on from preparing for interview for those people who would like to do a mock interview.

 Preparation for Interview

Your CV’s worked. Your application form is perfect. Now it’s time to shine. We’ll teach you how to prepare for an interview and show an employer that you’re the right person for their job.