The Learner Forum

The Learner Forum is the best opportunity for our learners to feed in their ideas about what the Institute is doing well, how we can improve and what new things we should be thinking about.

What will the Learner Forum do?

  • Provide opportunities for learners to make suggestions of what could go into the Institute’s learning programmes
  • Learners participating in the Forum can help staff evaluate information from learner survey’s and participation reports.
  • Enable learners to meet and share experiences and ideas with other learners and staff
  • Enable learners to express their concerns and ensure that the Institute responds appropriately to the issues that are raised.
  • Help ensure accessibility by road testing of evaluation forms, systems and changes in policy etc.
  • Provide an ongoing consultation role for staff and Governing Body
  • Provide up to date and in depth information from Institute staff on new initiatives, resources and services.