Learner stories 2018


 Elena Grecu – ESOL E2 Next Steps

Before doing this course, when I went for a job interview, or even when my phone rang, I was scared to speak and lacked confidence.  Since doing this course it has given me the confidence to speak, write and feel happier interacting with people. 

This course has helped me to grow, step by step, which in turn has resulted in me getting a part time job in a nursery which I love!  The English course which I am doing contributed at my job interview and I have more confidence now.

I am now happy to interact with people of all ages and children as well.  I have enjoyed the course very much and am carrying on to the next level.  My tutor Aysal is a great teacher.

Dilwara Khatun – Level 3 Childcare

I did the level 2 Childcare with Joanne Smith and gained some really good knowledge around EYFS, areas of training and Prevent.  Learning this and having questions prepared by Joanne gave me the knowledge to be able to apply for jobs in the Childcare sector.  She told me ‘you can do anything you want to do’ and to ‘keep on going and you will get there’. She also told me what I needed to do to teach in the future.

I gained a placement at P.I.E.S through a link for jobs sent to my current tutor Asma.  I gave them a call and they no longer needed anyone for the job but they offered me a placement.  I took the placement and it has turned into a job as an Early Years Practitioner which fits in with my course and private life. 

Joanne has really kept me going and she gave me an insight into what I could do in the future.

Saida Begum – ESOL Next steps

I did the ESOL Next Steps course at the Mildmay centre with Simon and really enjoyed it.  It has helped me with my speaking and my paperwork and has really improved my confidence and as a result I now have a job working from home as a Childminder. 

The course has been really helpful with getting my job, especially with the paperwork which I have to do for my job.

Kaliamaldevi Siventhiran – Level 3 Childcare

I did the level 2 in Childcare last year and it really gave me the confidence to look for a job.  I contacted Tendercubs about a job and ask if they were happy with my level 2 qualification and they were.  They instantly called me in for an interview which I was a bit shocked about, but the knowledge I had gained in the level 2 class - EYFS, areas of training and Prevent, had prepared me for interviews, and I got the job!  I told them that I was doing the level 3 at the Institute and the manager was happy for me to study at level 3 and gave me time off to carry on with the course.  I am now a part time Nursery Practitioner which fits in well with my studies.

I had previously started courses at a different college and didn’t like the way they delivered them, so I came here and really like the way that the courses are delivered, so that’s the reason why I carry on travelling in from outside of the borough to attend the course at the Institute.

Gabriela Galdunova - Health & Social Care level 3

I had been working with children for 20 years and then because of a change of circumstances I decided to come to the Institute to qualify as a teaching assistant. When I was working with children I found that they always had something to say, sometime they needed help with their home life, or their parents needed support, so from there I found I was able to refer them further for support and guidance for both the children and the parents and this is something that interested me.

When I was doing my TA course I wrote everything, as I was scared of using IT. I had not used it for years but I knew that I wanted to study in the future so would need good IT skills. I enrolled on a Business Admin and an IT course and that’s where I met my tutor Pankajni. I felt that I needed to improve my IT skills as I had been a mother for a long time so I went to Pankajni’s class to refresh my basic skills.

 I always felt that I wanted to go down the Counselling route but I needed more skills and felt that the Counselling course would enhance my skills and fulfil my aims and potential.  Pankajni gave me extra tuition as I had lacked confidence in myself and this helped me identify that I was not investing in myself and she encouraged me to communicate my needs more clearly and realise my potential and go for it!

I found that I had a good interaction with people and I realised that I am a people person and then became more interested in Counselling and through self-study found out about different approaches and types of Counselling. At that time my child was only young but I wanted to study and now my circumstances have changed I am now putting myself first and getting back into work and studying further.

Now I have gained work at Airthrie Homes, as a support worker which I am really passionate about and this is prompting me to look further into nutrition, understanding mental health  and how it affects people.  So as a result of this I am now doing a level 3 in Health and Social Care at the Institute which is helping me understand how to communicate with adults with specific needs and looking at my own strategies and how to find my way of finding out how to get the best out of them.  From there on I will be doing the Counselling course here with the intention to have my own practice in the future.

Christine Woods - Employability Hub

I started out working with Tony through Working in Mind after being referred some time in October by the job centre and wanted some advice on what to do to find work.  As I had had long term unemployment, it was really difficult for me to work out what type of job I could apply for, I just didn’t know what to do next. He advised me to stay focussed and work on my goals.

I started attending the employability hub in January to get some additional support.  It was good to have advisers to talk to as I really didn’t know what to do next about finding work.  It was great to have someone to speak to and support me, taking time, listening and offering advice.  I also saw the National Career Service adviser, Antonio, who suggested looking for roles that I would enjoy. As I love London attractions, I decided to start looking for those types of jobs. He also suggested volunteering and I now volunteer at the PDSA.  I have gained self confidence, self esteem, customer service skills and cash handling. I really enjoy it and they desperately need me to continue, but I have successfully found full time employment, so am sadly unable to continue at the PDSA, which they have expressed their sadness about.

I also attended the Completing Applications and Personal Statements workshop and the Interview Skills workshop with Vic Norman and they obviously worked!

Recently I have gained a full time role working for City Cruises, as a Customer Service Agent.  This will start on the 12th March 2018 and I am very excited about having this opportunity. At the same time I was offered an admin position with an agency but decided to go for the London attraction role with City Cruises as I have always had a passion for working with attractions.

Thank you for all of your help and support, it really has made a difference.

Kalaimathy Tharmarjah - ESOL Next Steps

I have been doing an ESOL Next Steps course here at Redbridge Institute and it has helped a lot with my confidence.  During my course I applied for a job in a petrol station and got it. 

I really enjoy my job and doing the course helped me with the skills I need to be able to do my job well.  In class we covered talking to different people, dealing with money and a lot more.  This has helped me get more confident while doing my job and I am now able to cash up at the end of the day, take the temperatures on the fridges correctly, fill in paperwork and speak to customers, I’m even confident when I have to call the police if there is an incident at work, that is something I didn’t feel confident about when I first started working there.

I am really pleased I am doing the course as it has helped me a lot and my tutor is really nice.

Sivamalar Anandakumar – Entry3 Functional Skills

The course with Bozena has helped me a lot with gaining the confidence to talk to more people using the English skills I have learnt in class.  This has given me the confidence to look for a job and I am now working part time in an Estate Agents which I really enjoy. This is helping me improve my English skills and confidence.

I would like to continue to do other courses, especially English, at the Institute when my current course finishes as I have received really good support from Bozena, who is very friendly and helpful, I really like it here.  

Prasadhi Gamage - Learning Hub and Teaching assistant level 2

The relationship I had with my tutor in the Learning Hub, really helped me secure a placement. This has enabled me to progress onto the next level of my teaching assistant (TA) course for which I needed the placement for.  She understood exactly what I needed because she advised me to contact a learner that I had become friends with from a previous course that we had done together.  This friend had a placement so I contacted him.  This support gave me the confidence to apply for the placement.  This took me out of my comfort zone, gave me something different to focus on and encouraged me to challenge myself, something which has given me much more confidence and helped me secure the placement as a TA in a local school.  By doing these courses at the Institute and getting the support from my tutor in the Learning Hub, it has inspired me to go further in education and expand my skill set and to look to become a maths tutor in the future.

 Luiza Paluca - Teaching Assistant level 2

For the last few years I have been developing my skills throughout different areas at Redbridge Institute.

Lastly, I enrolled in a Teaching Assistant course and managed to get a Learning Support Assistant job.

Studying alongside with managing the smooth running of my family has been challenging and rewarding at the same time. At the Institute I received support, advice and won new skills.


 Neil Hackwell - Working in mind

Redbridge Institute ,and Angela gave me back my self confidence after being made redundant from the financial services sector. 

I attended the bookkeeping course which helped on my CV, and potential employers knowing that I was educating myself whilst unemployed helped with interviews.

I now work for Southwark Council Business Services as a contractor for project work,and payroll systems.

Veronica Cochior - ESOL level 1

When I came to the UK I only knew a few phrases in English. When I started to look for a job I found it very difficult, because speaking English was my biggest problem.

One day one of my friends told me about Redbridge Institute. I went there and I found wonderful and very friendly people. They guided me and helped me to register onto a course. I did the English course. It was very helpful for me. Teachers Bozena and Lily helped me very much and that is how I learnt to speak, write and read English.

Then I was ready to get a job, so I got a sales assistant job very easily because I knew English. Learning at Redbridge Institute helped me to get a good job. Thank you very much to all at the Institute, especially my tutors.

 Archana Samal - Advanced Excel, Customer Service and Food & Hygiene

I was fortunate enough to attend the refresher courses for Advanced Excel, Customer Service and Food & Hygiene at Redbridge Institute. 

It was a great opportunity for me to brush up my skills and gain confidence.

As a result, I’m now working for London Borough of Redbridge and successfully placed as Assessment & Progress Officer in a children’s centre.