Learner stories 2019

Shamaila Shahid photoShamaila Shahid, Diploma in Early Years Workforce Level 3

My tutor made the course very exciting and easy going for us and she was well organised, knowledgeable and patient. The tutors in Redbridge Institute set the tone of their classrooms, they build a warm environment, become role models & listen to their students. “I was always guided all the way through. My tutor always reminded me to be on track and meet the deadlines.” 



Shimere Piper photoShimere Piper, Teaching Assistant Level 3 Diploma

Studying at Redbridge Institute has helped me boost my confidence, developed my knowledge along with targeting my skill sets. “My CV has further refined which has been beneficial for me to undertake a job role as a teaching assistant.”





Sheeba Tahir, Diploma in Early Years Workforce Level 3

I give all credit to Redbridge Institute for believing in me, giving me opportunities to gain knowledge and learn new skills in order to be employed.
“Thanks for everything!” 







Gulay Rowson, Business Administration Levels 1 & 2  

The ICT section really helped me with my day to day reports and my on going study. “Now I’m studying International Business Management at Anglia Ruskin University at London.”







Tanjina Siddique, Preperation for Work in Community Interpreting

Undertaking this course has helped me gain knowledge about being able to do community interpreting professionally.

“I’m in an advantageous position in understanding and comprehending fast because I have a degree in this specific field which I can implement appropriately when needed.”




Julie Sudhakar, Diploma in Early Years Workforce Level 3

Over the course of eighteen months, studying about different aspects of child development and learning about theoretical perspectives influenced me to implement my knowledge as a practitioner at my work place. The support and guidance provided by my tutor helped me immensely to further my awareness of interpreting my skills. With my enhanced understanding of Childcare, doors have been opened to further progress in my career pathway.  “I have recently been offered the job position ‘Deputy Preschool Leader’. This is mainly due to the successful completion of the course ‘Diploma in Early Years Workforce’ at the Redbridge Institute.” 



 Michelle Jones, Diploma in Early Years Workforce Level 3

My tutor was friendly, welcoming and approachable. I found the subject of the course interesting and relevant to the work I was doing in my own career setting. I’m glad I had made the first step as the work load was manageable & class tasks of working in pairs and groups helped to build my social skills. Overall, I’m glad I enrolled at Redbridge Institute and proud that I have completed this course.
“Now I’m back at work and have gained friends and life experiences ever since. I now want to concentrate on raising my two girls and study short courses such as first aid training while working.” 



Rumeen Zaman, Diploma in Early Years Workforce Level 3 and Maths Functional Skills

Redbridge Institute is family, I mean that literally! Redbridge Institute has been my second home for the past three years. My perseverance has paid off. I have made friends for life and bonded well with the nurturing tutors, who have motivated me and inspired me to progress further into studying ‘Early Years Leadership and Management’ starting the next academic year. On the note of progression, I shall also be starting a new placement as a Learning Mentor at a primary school. Yes, education is important, but having the appropriate encouragement, reassurance and confidence from tutors is very important too.