Learning Support

The Learning Support team at Redbridge Institute are a well-established team that offer a wide range of services and interventions. The aim of which is to provide encouragement and support with the main focus being the promotion of independent learning and learner progression.

This service is available for leaners that may require additional support in order to complete their chosen course.

This support may include:

learning hub

If you think you would benefit from some help and advice and would like to know more about the services we offer, please speak to your tutor or alternatively our Learning Support team when enrolling on a course.


Redbridge Institute will endeavor to provide, within available resources, a range of learning aids and resources for learners, some of which are of particular use for students with disabilities. Learners with disabilities may have access to learning aids to help overcome the effects of specific disabilities, within available resources. There are also learner guides available on a number of disabilities and learning difficulties containing useful information with lists of appropriate agencies which could provide additional support. Our range of support includes:

  • Provision of learning support assistance in class
  • Provision of additional interventions out of class through the Learning Hub
  • Provision of specialist facilities support, for example, dyslexia assessment
  • Provision of physical/ mobility support
  • Provision of assistive equipment or adaptations