16 August 2021

GCSE success for Redbridge Institute learners

Redbridge Institute adult learners achieve fantastic GCSE results

  • Pass rates for GCSE English are 98% and GCSE Maths 94% this year.
  • 20% received top grades 7-9 (A* and A) in English, and 17% received top grades 7-9 (A* and A) in Maths.

Redbridge Institute are proud to announce that, despite all of the disruption over the past year, adult learners have again produced an excellent set of results in GCSE English and Maths.

Will Pickford, Principal at Redbridge Institute said “I am delighted that our learners have once again been able to pass their GCSE courses with us and achieve such a fantastic set of results, in extremely challenging circumstances. Almost all of their learning has been completed online this year, and the results demonstrate how hard-working and resilient they have been. I am very proud of all of their success.”

Arju Ahmed, completed Maths GCSE and got a grade 7 and GCSE English and got a grade 8. "My learning experience was excellent, especially under the circumstances of home learning. It felt strange at first but I quickly realised how convenient and enjoyable it was.  All my English and Maths tutors were very supportive, they are the best. There were times when the pressure was getting the better of me, but my tutors provided both teaching and emotional support. I am so happy and over the moon with my results for both English & Maths"

Sudipta Rayhoudhury achieved a grade 9 in GCSE English "The course was amazing and online learning wasn't as bad as I originally thought. The tutors were very supportive throughout. Sometimes it was difficult to manage at home  and the course due to internet speed. I found it peaceful when we came in to do the assessment and it didn't feel like the usual pressure of sitting a GCSE exam.  I really enjoyed reading the novel with the class.  I have made some good friends throughout and formed good relationships with tutors"

Manju Praveen GCSE English - Grade 6."The course was very good and the tutors were so supportive. I prefer face to face learning but my children helped me with the technology of online. I don't have any background knowledge of studying literature, all my previous learning was in India and I came here in 2014 and started learning in 2018. In 2018 I completed a TA Course L2, in 2019 Functional Skills, Maths, and 2021 English GCSE. I want to continue with my Teaching Assistant role and the the GCSE will help with that. I have also been supporting my son with his A levels this year"

Nandani Wimalasundera she completed GCSE English and got a grade 9. " Home learning was a learning curve and very interesting, tutors were helpful and I was able to reach out to them easily. Tutors very understanding to circumstances with home life and study, lots of feedback and support from them and they always helping to achieve the best in us. Convenient learning from home, saved time with commuting. I learnt new skills and gained confidence, using computers and google classroom, my typing has improved, I enjoyed using MS Word learning to upload and download and attaching documents."