11 November 2018

Women's Land Army

Stained glass panel by Glynnis Diggins

The inspiration for Glynnis's stained glass panel was the original recruitment advertisement for the Women's Land Army (WLA). She has a particular
interest in this as her mother was a volunteer in the WLA from 1942-46, stationed at Marlow in Buckinghamshire.

The WLA made a significant contribution to boosting Britain's food production during the Second World War and had originally been set up in 1917, but disbanded at the end of the First World War. It reformed in June 1939. Women were initially asked to volunteer, but, from December 1941, could also be conscripted into land work.

At its peak in 1944, there were more than 80,000 women -often known as 'land girls' -in the WLA. Land girls did a wide variety of jobs on the land. They worked in all weathers and conditions and could be directed to work anywhere in the country.

Glynnis has many items of memorabilia from this period in her mother's life, some of which are on display in our foyer.